Heaven’s Gateway Drugs – Rubber Nun (dizzybird records)

heavens-gateway-drugs-rubber-nun“This is the new release (09/09/2016) from “Heaven’s Gateway Drugs” and it may seems as a cliché, but while the album has a clearly psychedelic character and respective influences from bands deep in the 60’s & 70’s, the way given is a really strong blend of melodic psychedelia with an undefinable uniqueness. The feeling gained listening to the album as a whole is that created by amazing musicians who have take care in every detail their performance before the final result. The transitions among the different guitar sounds and the crossing variety of the front and backing vocals assigned unique during each song, causing a repeatedly album hearing for the maximum pleasure!
A complete melodic psych sonic trip from start to finish!.”

You can get it on Vinyl here: Blackspin Records (for Europe) or direct from the label dizzybird records (for US)
Stream it in full here:

Blackspin Records-Summer 2016 Sampler

Blackspin Records – Summer 2016 Sampler

Blackspin Records presents:
Selected tracks of new & upcoming releases for Summer 2016:
(New tracks from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ghost Wave, Amber Arcades, Blackberries, Comet Control, Medicine Boy, The Shimmer Band, Zig Zags, Thee Oh Sees, Suns Of Thyme, Dyscontrol, Male Gaze, Mystic Braves, Os Noctambulos, The Cobra Lamps, Chicos De Nazca)

Track List

1.The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Bout Des Doigts (S/T)
2. Ghost Wave – All U Do Is Kill (Radio Norfolk)
3. Amber Arcades – Fading Lines (Fading Lines)
4. Blackberries – Kasbah (Greenwich Mean Time)
5. Comet Control – Criminal Mystic (Center Of The Maze)
6. Medicine Boy – E.V.I.L. (Kinda Like Electricity)
7. The Shimmer Band – Shoot Me (Baby) (7”)
8. Zig Zags – They Came For Us (Running Out Of Red)
9. Thee Oh Sees – Plastic Plant (A Weird Exits)
10. Suns Of Thyme – Intuition Unbound (Cascades)
11. Dyscontrol – Disappear (Living Without)
12. Male Gaze – Lesser Demons (King Leer)
13. Mystic Braves – To Myself (Days Of Yesteryear)
14. Os Noctambulos – Not Everyone (Stranger)
15. The Cobra Lamps – Known To All (Ep)
16. Chicos De Nazca – I’ve Fallen Into The Sea (7”)
17. Ghost Wave – Spaceman (Radio Norfolk)

Blackspin Records-Spring 2016 Sampler

Blackspin Records – Spring 2016 Sampler

Blackspin Records presents:
Selected tracks of new & upcoming releases for Spring 2016:
(New tracks from Minor Victories, Fews, Wray, Magic Wands, Avoid Avoid, Red Dons, Mind Spiders, Daylight Robbery, Tacocat, Skywave, The Kvb, Holy Wave, Tracy Bryant, Lake Ruth, Levitation Room, Woods, The Last Shadow Puppets, Whyte Horses, Sound Of Ceres)

Track List
1. Minor Victories – A Hundred Ropes (S/T)
2. Fews – The Zoo (7”)
3. Wray – Hypatia (Hypatia)
4. Magic Wands – Chariot (Jupiter)
5. Avoid Avoid – Achieved Not Achieved (Particle & Wave)
6. Red Dons – The Good Disciple (The Dead Hand Of Tradition)
7. Mind Spiders – Cold (Prosthesis)
8. Daylight Robbery – Shadows On The Snow (Accumulated Error)
9. Tacocat – Talk (Lost Time)
10. Skywave – Over And Over (Killerrockandroll)
11. The Kvb – In Deep (Of Desire)
12. Holy Wave – Magic Landing (Freaks Of Nurture)
13. Tracy Bryant – Come Around (Subterranean)
14. Lake Ruth – The Inconsolable Jean-Claude (7”)
15. Levitation Room – Plain To See (Ethos)
16. Woods – Sun City Creeps (City Sun Eater In The River Of The Light)
17. The Last Shadow Puppets – Aviation ((Everything You’ve Come To Expect)
18. Whyte Horses – The Snowfalls (Pop Or Not)
19. Sound Of Ceres – Side A (Nostalgia For Infinity)

RSD 2016 at Ρινόκερως bar with Blackspin

Enjoy Record Store Day 2016 at Ρινoκερως bar with Blackspin Records

For second year, enjoy the Record Store Day 2016 at Ρινόκερως bar with Blackspin Records!

Upstairs… Record digging & shopping, exclusive RSD 2016 releases, new & limited LP & 7″ vinyl records…
Downstairs… Coffee, snacks, booze, chat…
All day & all night dj sets…

Doors open at 12:00 a.m.
Event info page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1595019587487298/
Ρινόκερως bar, Ασκληπιού 22
Blackspin Records Store (www.blackspin.gr)

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Blackspin Records – Winter 2016 Sampler

Blackspin Records presents:
Selected tracks of new & upcoming releases of Winter 2016:
(New tracks from Doug Tuttle, The Vryll Society, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Marlon Williams, Sea Pinks, Rancho Relaxo, Presents For Sally, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, The Karovas Milkshake, Diiv, Flowers, Savages, The Altered Hours & many more)

Track List
1. Sea Pinks – (I Don’t Feel Like) Giving In (“Soft Days”)
2. Moonwood – I’m Gonna Be Sick (“Desert Ghosts”)
3. Diiv – Dust (“Is The Is Are”)
4. Savages – Sad Person (“Adore Life”)
5. The Altered Hours – Who’s Saving Who (“In Heat Not Sorry”)
6. Presents For Sally – An Arms Reach Away (“An Arms Reach Away-Darkness Inside”)
7. Rancho Relaxo – Im Crying (“White Light Fever”)
8. Doug Tuttle – It Calls On Me (“It Calls On Me”)
9. Jaromil Sabor (Feat. Sorry Sorrow Swims) – Aedion (“III”)
10. Lonely Walk – Pretty Good Looking (PGL) (“Teen”)
11. The Vryll Society – Coshh (“Pangea Ep”)
12. Tomorrows Tulips – Check Me Out (“Indy Rock Royalty Comb”)
13. 93Millionmilesfromthesun – Edge Of Nowhere (“An Arms Reach Away-Darkness Inside”)
14. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Melody In High Feedback Tones (“Void Beatsinvocation Trex”)
15. Flowers – Bitter Pill ( “Everybody’s Dying To Meet You”)
16. The Big Eyes Family Players – The Blind Punch (“Oh!”)
17. Marlon Williams – Strange Things (“Marlon Williams”)
18. Holy Motors – Stay The Night
19. The Karovas Milkshake – Purple Sun Of Glastonbury  (“In The Shade Of Purple Sun”)