Apocalyptica & MDR Symphony Orchestra – Wagner Reloaded (Live In Leipzig)

1216_2336_apocalyptica1Wagner Reloaded is the first live album and eleventh album overall by the Finnish band, Apocalyptica. Actually, it is the live recording of an event to celebrate the anniversary of Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday performed at the Leipzig Arena. The event was a joint venture between German choreographer Gregor Seyffert and Apocalyptica and included a blend of dance performances, circus and theatre arts, audiovisual effects, and live music.
The album contains music influenced by the overall work of Wagner, but is written by Apocalytica’s Eicca Toppinen and it is therefore completely new material, performed by their cellos and drums along with the MDR Symphony Orchestra.
The result is a high quality work, a wonderful combination of Wagner’s classical pieces with the band’s own “heavy metal” music with their cellos included in the instrumentation in such a unique way that really makes it all captivating. Their sound is mature and high-spirited at the same time, it spreads around the room and makes you sit and listen even if you have no idea about classical music.
An exceptional work that proves that good music has no limits, no categories/genders and all it takes is inspiration!

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