A Victim Of Society – Distractions (Inner-Ear Records)

A Victim of Society - Distractions“Distractions” from “A Victim Of Society” is a very elegant and well performed music amalgam clearly affected from bands that had or still have a leading role in the psych & shoegaze scene like the Jesus & Mary Chain or Loop. And  it doesn’t matter if the result sounds like something you heard before because it is just a beatiful fresh new record with the adequate elements from the past to define his genre. Besides, everyone had someone to copy and this also happened even from the above mentioned bands that have effect in the music of Victim Of Society. At the end, the first complete work of those psych-gaze guys, is something that was missing from the Greek Neo-Psych scene (if this ever existed!) and shows the right path for other bands to follow in the near future. Discover them and their sound will reward you! (Release Date: 04/2014)

Get their 180g heavyweight vinyl which includes the cd of the album here


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