2014 Favorite Albums

1MAZES-WOODEN AQUARIUM) MAZES – WOODEN AQUARIUM “…A really strong album that shows Mazes growing in just the right way, adding some maturity and substance without sacrificing the things (great songs, youthful energy) that made them worth hearing in the first place…” (www.allmusic.com)      

Les Big Byrd ‎– They Worshipped Cats12) LES BIG BYRD – THEY WORSHIPPED CATS “…The album is filled with beautifully melancholic melodies, poems of time-space continuum read through vocoders, cosmic clouds of filtered stringmachines, motorik krautrock drums, 12-string…” (http://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk)

The Soundcarriers-Entropicalia3) THE SOUNDCARRIERS – ENTROPICALIA “…The rock solid rhythm and bass of songwriters, Adam Cann and Paul Isherwood provide a jazz inflected, motorik groove for Dorian Conway’s guitar and the whirling keys and sunshine voice of Leonore Wheatley…” (http://ghostbox.greedbag.com)

Comet control4) COMET CONTROL – S/T “…Toronto’s Comet Control (ex-Quest For Fire) has unveiled a jam that might belong to late-era Stone Roses or Dandy Warhols gone stoner-metal…” (www.metalsucks.net)                                                                                 

White manna-live frequencies5) WHITE MANNA – LIVE FREQUENCIES “…try imagining Hawkwind and The Stooges meshed together and that will give you some idea of the sheer head fuckery of White Manna…” (Cardinal Fuzz)                                                     

6The brian-jonestown-massacre-Revelation1) THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE – REVELATION “..This album brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences & bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that’s been discovered in the past 40 years…” (http://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk)

5) OS NOCTAMBULOS - CORSICA GARDEN7) OS NOCTAMBULOS – CORSICA GARDEN “There are more than enough of these types of bands popping up all over the countries lately, and most only a handful of them will we possibly remember this time next year. Os Noctambulos is sure to be one of them! (http://wearethelastbeatniks.com)

Ultimate painting8) ULTIMATE PAINTING – S/T “…Both Mazes and Veronica Falls have made outstanding albums before, but this is surely the best record either Hoare or Cooper have been involved with. Every arrangement is perfect for the melody, and every melody sticks…” (www.theguardian.com)

War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream9) WAR ON DRUGS – LOST IN THE DREAM “..makes you want to hotwire a Mustang & drive it across the States, blazing through the badlands of Nebraska, up through California’s stunning Big Sur & down through Louisiana swampland with only a bottle of whiskey…” (www.nme.com)

Jeffertitti’s Nile - The Electric Hour10) JEFFERTITTI’S NILE – THE ELECTRIC HOUR “Its mesmerizing sound indicative not only of Jeffertitti’s commitment to life-as-tour but of their ability to sound-and be-completely at home no matter their coordinates, sonically or universally-speaking” (Ryan Muldoon, BBiB)

Ty Segall-Manipulator11) TY SEGALL – MANIPULATOR “It’s certainly the most accomplished work in the steadily rising, notoriously musically incontinent career of the 27-year-old phenom of the San Francisco garage-rock scene.”(www.spin.com)  

Temples-Sun Structures12) TEMPLES – SUN STRUCTURES “..Sun Structures is an impressive debut that would be legendary now if it had been released in 1967; in 2014 it’s merely the best psych pop around…” (www.allmusic.com)  

The Asteroid 413) ASTEROID #4 – S/T “…an unpredictable, varied and 100% satisfying ride…” (http://active-listener.blogspot.com)    

Nothing - guilty of everything14) NOTHING – GUILTY OF EVERYTHING “…Guilty of Everything is the sound of a band magnificently balancing distinctive styles, simplistic and turbulent structures, and harsh and dreamy textures that eclipses history, influence, and definition…”                (www.sputnikmusic.com)

The Magic Castles-Sky Sounds15) MAGIC CASTLES – SKY SOUNDS “Drawing from a myriad of influences, combining the hazy, “floaty” atmospherics of bands like Spacemen 3 & Galaxie 500, with the organ-drenched psych of the mid/late 60’s, continue to create an altogether unique sound”. (http://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk)

Gulp-Season Sun16) GULP – SEASON SUN “..The debut album from the new band formed by Guto Pryce of Super Furry Animals and singer Lindsey Leven..feature the ethereal psych-folk qualities that defined counterculture music in the 1960s”                                                                                                             

27) WHIRR-NOTHING - SPLIT17) WHIRR/NOTHING – SPLIT “Whirr’s two songs have their strengths in their swirly, dreamy goodness, but its Nothing’s increased heaviness and intensity, in addition to their own dreaminess that dominates the EP” (http://inyourspeakers.com)                                                                  

Champion lover18) CHAMPION LOVER – S/T “…a nice flow between the tracks, like a noisy trip…a rolling beat and a catchy melody combined with calm vocals…already one of the best albums of the year so far…” (Blackspin)

camera_remember i was carbon dioxide19) CAMERA – REMEMBER I WAS CARBON DIOXIDE “…Kindred spirits in sound, power, noise, they both envelop this musical aggression with electronic warmth which results in something that can be both violent and incredibly fragile at the same time. It’s a major skill…” (www.thelineofbestfit.com)

The janitors20) THE JANITORS – EVIL DOINGS OF AN EVIL KIND “…Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind is a collection of dark and noisy songs that are not aimed at the faint of heart. All songs have a disturbing vibe as if you should not come too close risking a punch on the nose..!” (Bad Afro Records)

Thurston Moore - The Best Day21) THURSTON MOORE – THE BEST DAY “…The Best Day is the refreshing sound of Moore addressing familiar musical themes with renewed energy…” (www.nme.com)                                                                                                                                                                                                             

YOU WALK THROUGH WALLS22) YOU WALK THROUGH WALLS – S/T “…Influenced by Ride, Swervedriver, Jesus & Mary Chain, this new project took the trio in search of creating the massive soaring sound they love, with fewer members. Make every note count with the energetic determination that has become their hallmark…” (Club AC30)

MAGGIE BJORKLUND - SHAKEN23) MAGGIE BJORKLUND – SHAKEN “And when coupled with the resonant, Duane Eddy-esque cry of her pedal-steel, you get a one-two combination that aims right for the poetic pulchritude residing in the deepest shades of pain” (www.wonderingsound.com)                                

THE CITRADELS - NEPENTHE24) THE CITRADELS – NEPENTHE “…straight from Melbourme-Austalia, The Citradels’ music has been described as neo-psychedelic drone ‘n’ roll with a middle-west sound. They have a strong DIY ethic; all material is written, recorded and produced by the band” (http://surryhillsfestival.com)

29) HOOKWORMS – THE HUM25) HOOKWORMS – THE HUM “Hookworms manage to strike the ideal balance on The Hum by proving their adaptability to listeners without compromising the appeal in their work. If this album serves as any sign for how the rest of their career will go, then listeners have a lot to look forward to.” (www.acrn.com)

Circassian - Hantse Guashe126) CIRCASSIAN – HANTSE GUASHE “…heady intense psychedelic mix of ethnic and faint embossed garage tunes that excite and lead to a perpetual dance sensations…” (http://phantasmagoriagr.blogspot.com)                               

Marissa-Nadler-July27) MARISSA NADLER – JULY “…Over slow-to-mid-paced folk rock shrouded in reverb, Nadler sings of emotional distance and despondent car journeys: a delicate balance between matters personal and universal…” (www.nme.com)                                                                                   

SOFT WALLS - NO TIME28) SOFT WALLS – NO TIME “…No Time is a huge step forward since the 2012 debut and yet another essential psych-heavy 2014 collection…” (www.musicomh.com)             

Woods-with-light & Love29) WOODS – WITH LIGHT AND WITH LOVE “…With Light and With Love sounds bigger, though, more accessible, conceived with an ear toward top-down, tear-out-of-town FM anthems of summers past…” (www.spin.com)     

goat-commune30) GOAT – COMMUNE “Commune continues on with World Music’s acidic grooves, hypnotic incantations, and serpentine guitar lines but also introduces a darker, more angry edge to the band, not seen before on previous releases” (http://www.guardian.co.uk)                                   

The vacant lots-departure31) THE VACANT LOTS – DEPARTURE “…US psych garage duo The Vacant Lots turn their attentions to the long playing format with Departure, which showcases their combination of primitive rock n’ roll riffs, electronic textures and beat poetry to dazzling effect. …” (www.beardedmagazine.com)

34) MONSTER MAGNET - MILKING THE STARS- A RE-IMAGINING OF LAST PATROL32) MONSTER MAGNET – MILKING THE STARS: A RE-IMAGINING OF LAST PATROL “”This was a happy experiment for me. It’s not a remix record by the current definition. It’s more like ‘Last Patrol’ in a ‘what-if?’-style alternate reality” (Wyndorf, Monster Magnet)       

35) JANE WEAVER - THE SILVER GLOBE33) JANE WEAVER – THE SILVER GLOBE “…Weaver’s pretty and air-light voice floats above the fuzzy synths and rumbling bass, producing some wonderful earworms.” (www.amoeba.com)

Dandelion134) THE DANDELION – S/T “…The six songs on the EP are taken from a very limited CD release called Strange Case of the Dandelion that Poulter released on his own in Australia…”         

Lay Llamas-Østrø35) LAY LLAMAS – OSTRO “… Be them real, mystical or imaginary, present or past, the focus is on the movement rather than the end destination and the Lay Llamas’ debut album ‘Ostro’ is most certainly one such record…“A mystical path to follow” (Rocket Recordings)

VERMA - SUNRUNNER36) VERMA – SUNRUNNER “As electric music for the mind and body goes, Verma are creating a rich, satisfying catalog of work, and Sunrunner is a trippy, fully formed triumph.” (www.allmusic.com)             

A Victim Of Society -Distractions137) A VICTIM OF SOCIETY – DISTRACTIONS “…Dark, dirty, neurotic, yet addictive, ”Distractions” steps on the best music of the past but still sounds as fresh and contemporary, as few of its genre…” (Inner-ear Records)                      

40) ANGEL OLSEN - BURN YOUR FIRE FOR NO WITNESS38) ANGEL OLSEN – BURN YOUR FIRE FOR NO WITNESS “…Burn Your Fire for No Witness’ eleven songs benefit greatly from the heightened sense of clarity afforded by the more spacious arrangements…” (www.sputnikmusic.com)   

Violet Woods39) VIOLET WOODS – S/T “…dreamily echoes the deceptive innocence of early Pink Floyd. It’s all rather impressive…” (Pennyblackmusic)                                                                                         

38) THE NEW CHRISTS - INCANTATIONS40) THE NEW CHRISTS – INCANTATIONS “…The latest New Christs LP has all the killer riffs and occasional Radio Birdman flashbacks you’d expect, but more than that too…” (www.messandnoise.com)


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