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Holy Monitor – S/T (Primitive Music / Blackspin Records)

holy-monitor-frontThis February (17/02/2017), Primitive Music in collaboration with Blackspin Records will release the self-titled debut LP from the psych-kraut collective, Holy Monitor, from Athens, Greece.

“Bearing in mind that ‘’psych’’ is not an abbreviation of Psychedelia, what we have here, is a perfect example of a band throwing away the ‘’demon’’ word, which might lead you astray and presenting a debut album that is so much more. This five-piece from Athens, Greece is a joy to hear, as we watch the confrontation of so many genres and the unscratched exodus from the battle within. Instrumental ‘’Halcyon’’, with its effect galore presentation, leads to up-beat ‘’Nemesis’’ where the keyboards explore further a familiar territory of sounds. ‘’Bed of the earth’’ is a European top-notch psych tune, worth its weight like any remarkable song Fuzz Club Records, has ever released. Rural psych-folk (‘’The Vine’’), slow tempo-guitar pedals board driven (‘’Icarus’’) and another armada of up-beat compositions, find the final track of this record (‘’Cacti’’) as the culmination of a psych trip you most certainly wish to start once more!

Physical copies will be available in two limited editions of high quality clear-copper & blue-white marbled vinyl, 200 copies each!

holy-monitor-clear-copper-marbled holy-monitor-blue-white-marbled-2


Available for purchase online to the links below:

For mp3 downloads you can visit:

Heaven’s Gateway Drugs – Rubber Nun (dizzybird records)

heavens-gateway-drugs-rubber-nun“This is the new release (09/09/2016) from “Heaven’s Gateway Drugs” and it may seems as a cliché, but while the album has a clearly psychedelic character and respective influences from bands deep in the 60’s & 70’s, the way given is a really strong blend of melodic psychedelia with an undefinable uniqueness. The feeling gained listening to the album as a whole is that created by amazing musicians who have take care in every detail their performance before the final result. The transitions among the different guitar sounds and the crossing variety of the front and backing vocals assigned unique during each song, causing a repeatedly album hearing for the maximum pleasure!
A complete melodic psych sonic trip from start to finish!.”

You can get it on Vinyl here: Blackspin Records (for Europe) or direct from the label dizzybird records (for US)
Stream it in full here:

The Myrrors – Arena Negra (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)

The MyrrorsThe Myrrors did it again! With “Arena Negra” this time.
Great stuff in – a piece of art- Vinyl record thanks to Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. (Available March 24)
– For US buy your copy here:
– Europe stay tuned at Blackspin & soon you will have it on your turntable spinning!
You can listen samples here:

Broadcast’s vinyl catalog repressed (Warp Records)

Exciting music news! Broadcast’s vinyl catalog getting repressed by Warp Records in March (09/03/2015).
– Work and Non Work (1997)
– The Noise Made By People (2000)
– haha Sound (2003)
– Tender Buttons (2005)
– The Future Crayon (2006)
– Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (2009)

Get prepared here: Blackspin (

Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters (Club Ac30)

Pinkshinyultrablast - EVERYTHING ELSE MATTERSDid you missed Lush or Slowdive?
If yes, then don’t look any farther! You will get both of them in a package of one!
The Russians Pinkshinyultrablast are coming to fill the gap!!!!
Don’t fool you any low tempo at the intro of each song because they know very well to serve shoegaze fundamentals and produce delicate noise pop. Fast bass & heavy guitars (as heavy as can be on shoegaze) with unstoppable drums and the companion of dreamy vocals ofcourse

The Vinyl will be available also here: Blackspin
Taste some here: